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Muslim celebrations in Russia

In the last months I saw a lot of comments and discussions from far-right comrades of Europe, who say that Putin is the last stand of the Europe, that Russian people voted for him and he is the real elected president who stays for his people. These opinions came because of the last Putin’s law about homosexuals and average human really can think that this new law proves that Putin is far-right or at least concervative dictator. Of course it’s not, this law was created because Putin wants to play on people’s feelings. Russians are mostly very homophobic and don’t like the European “development” in the sphere of “human rights”. So, Putin with this law just made a try to improve his rating, what partly succeeded. I know why Putin did this law, which doesn’t change anything, so I don’t care. Gays are not the threat #1 in Russia now, it’s European problem. And for you, foreign comrades, I show the real actions of Putin regime.

Today muslims celebrated Uruza-Bayram, one of the main celebrations in islam. I don’t think I need to say something, photos will say by themselves. I don’t know for whom Putin stays for, but not for Russian people.  I have very slow Internet now, so I post only 3 photos.

Moscow, 8th August 2013









Putin today congratulated all muslims and said that this is the “improvement of multicultural relationships”.


3 thoughts on “Muslim celebrations in Russia

  1. Actually, those people are migrants from ex-Russian territories in the Meddle East. 20 years ago they were enjoying full rights citizens of the Soviet Union (and Russian Empire before it). Russia includes a lot of territories, where live aboriginal small nations. A lot of them a Muslim (Chechnya, Tatarstan etc.) Some of them are Buddhists (Buriatiya region). But the biggest nation – is Russian. They are mostly Orthodox. So, the situation in Russia is a bit different to Europe, because Russian Muslims lived in Russia over the ages.

    • Everything is more hard in Russia than in Europe. In my opinion Europe has no problem with kicking immigrants, cause they were never part of European society. In Russia there always were native tribes which were conquered by Russians. Just kicking them away or creating massacre(let’s take the most brutal way) is not the answer. I mean of course migrants from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and such countries who went to Russia in last 20 years will be easy sent away. With Chechnya and Dagestan I don’t see any normal decision, there will be a bloodshed war or separation of Caucas.

      In Russia there are no problems with other nations like Tatars, Buryat, Yakut and many others. They are low-populated, non-agressive, mostly sitting in their regions, knowing Russian and respecting Russian culture. I haven’t seen a lot of them in my life, also I’ve never heard about any actions of violence and rusophobia from these tribes. Secondly, they understand that it’s stupid to be antirussian, cause their population is not so high, they mostly need protection from us. And in conclusion, these nations sometimes support Russian far-rights. I met a bunch of guys from Kazan, Tatarstan, there were Russians and Tatars. They said that in Kazan a lot of Tatars are also far-right, supporting Russians against Chechenians and immigratns, cicking antifa on the streets and living friendly. I was quite surprised. They really looked funny, truly Tatars, who say that “Russia is for Russians… and a bit for Tatars too!”))

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