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Soviet Photoshop



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Picture credit


Commies know how to use photoshop instead of me


3 thoughts on “Soviet Photoshop

  1. Ha ha , this is true . They mastered photoshop long ago , the slimy bastards. Stalin photoshoped photos with Leon Bronstein aka Trotsky .

    • It’s a Russian Social-Democracy Workers Party, before it was divided into Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. I don’t remember, who is the guy, who was photoshoped, but he was photoshoped because he was not pro-Lenin. In 1917 not all left parties supported Lenin, even sometimes fighting against him and trying to assinate. Also, after the Red one Civil War, they started to kill each other, fighting for the power, so I think this guy wat blaimed for something like “betraying the revolution” and photoshoped. Nothing special, really.

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