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Interesting stuff

Sometimes I surf English Wikipedia and read articles about Russia, just to see what people abroad think about some things. I found one really funny article, but then I became serious, because it’s Wikipedia, it’s written seriously and the information is definetely wrong. However, it’s not wrong, but it’s kind of fairytale what is written here.

The article is about Russian party called LDPR(Libera;-democratic party of Russia). Click here to see article in English: LDPR

I will now will comment this article and make cleat some points not only about this party but about all system, which is going on in Russia.

Okay, let’s start.

Liberal-democratic. No, it’s not liberal-democratic. But it’s not far-right as it’s written. The leader of the party is well-known person in Russia, of course, he is in politics since 1991, and he always act very charismatic and controversial. I even heard that one German newspaper one time called him “Russian Hitler”, but of course he is not. He really stand on the position of the Greater Russia and all right-wing stuff, but how does he do it? He’s acting like a clown, always saying stupid things, showing off and talking really impossible things. For example, he usually proclaims, that Russia must start nuclear war with USA or some other stupid stuff. His “right-wing” ideas can be described like a low-quality populism for dumb people. I will say his ideology is “Vodka and horse for everyone, bombs on Washington”.

However, his cool speeches and words against government are just a soapbubble. His party ALWAYS supports Putin’s party in parliament, his party NEVER participated in opposition demonstrations, his party SAYS that people, who go on “Russian March” are nazi scumbags and freak people, which must be in asylum, his party is SITTING IN the parliament from 1991 and what did it do? Nothing.

What does this guy do before every elections? He is shouting on every channel that MOTHER RUSSIA IS DESTROYED, COUNTRY OCCUPIED BY AMERICAN SPIES, WE NEED TO FIGHT, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS POWER ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

What happened on 4th December 2011, when Putin’s party won elections? He said that elections were fair and thanks everyone for voting. Then there were demonstrations against Putin he was shouting in parliament that PEOPLE WOKE UP, WE WILL NOW CRUSH THIS GOVERNMENT. Noone from his party parictipated in this demosntrations, may just because they have no one in it, I saw only a few crazy old women aged nearly 80, standing with their flags for money. But, after protests came to the end, I mean became not so massive and cool he started shouting in parliament that USA SUPPORTS PROTESTS, ALL THIS PROTESTERS ARE PAYING BY WASHINGTON, THEY WANT TO CRUSH OUR GOVERNMENT etc.

And of course they don’t use Russian Nationalis flag(black-yellow-white), I don’t know, who posted it on Wikipedia.

I can’t comment every his speech and every his step, if you want me to say something about any event of this party – post in comments.

But let’s think. Why is this guy is in politics since 1991? Answer is simple – he is a figure in Kremlin politics. For example, I will present elections of 2011.

For whom to what?

1) United Russia. Putin’s party. No one votes for this, I don’y know anyone who voted, others too. If you vote for this you can become the enemy of everyone =)

2) Communist party. Have the same role as LDPR, do the same things, but they attract people, who are pro-left views. Really, many people vote for them, not only communist, just because they look like closer than others to normality and they speculate on late-USSR sympathies. IMHO, they won last elections, but of course they did nothing, because they’re also a chess figure on the desk.

3) LDPR. If you’re a drunk and dumb from the deep Syberia – yes, it’s your candidate. Normal people will not vote for this clown, however, some people vote for him just for lulz, just to see “what happens if he win, nuclear war is funny”. But everyone knows that he will not win, so you can not worry about WWIII

4) Just Russia. Were friends of Putin, became opponents, during 2011-2012 protests tried to join demonstrations, but were warned by Putin and again became dependent figures. Nothing special to talk, but were popular due to normality.

5) There are two little not interesting parties, no need to describe.

So, the goal of LDPR is too take votes of not clever people, who believe in cheap right populism. Party is 100% controlled by Putin, has enormous budget and support on TV during elections. Just to remind you some facts:




Protests of 2011-2012 brought the new reform in political parties law. Now you can register your party very easy and you can now have at least 500 people in it. But the thing is that now you can’t go on elections in block, so many parties can’t unite for elections. Now it’s about 60-70 parties in Russia. And what will happen on next elections? They all will have about 1-2%. And it’s fail.

There is one legal nationalist party, it became legal not long time ago due to this reform, it’s called Russian All-People’s Union, it’s really far-right party, but it’s really weak.

And one video to see:

In the video, leader of LDPR says that Russia is now like this donkey. And If he becomes president this donkey will become a fst horse. Last sign says:”Zhirinovsky(his surname) and life will be better!”. If your brains are on the right place, you will blow your mind, because it’s a PROMOTING video for PRESIDENTAL ELECTIONS.


One thought on “Interesting stuff

  1. Wikipedia something to get a idea about but not take everything written as total truth . In University , professors tell you never to use Wkipedia when writing papers . This is a no , no in college .

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