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Neonazism terror in Russia. Part 1

In this post I want to tell you something about the terroristic acts which took place in neonazi movement in Russia, mostly in the middle of 00-s.

The end of 90-s and start of 00-s was a time with huge spread of neonazi ideas and skinhead movement. Skinheads this time were not under the press of government due to small experienece of russian police, they just didn’t know what skinheads are, how they look and etc. But after some acts like these, which will be described in this post, police started to take the control over nationalists in Russia. Now police even have the special “Center for combating with extremism”, which is number one repressive center for right-wing supporters, and not only them. Putin’s regime is political zero, so their goal is to arrest everyone, no difference if it nazist, communist, liberal, lgbt. But let’s return to the main.

nikola j1p

Picture credit

This is Nikola Korolev, from Moscow, one of the most famous neonazi terrorists of modern Russia. Nikola was a leader of the fighting club called “SPAS”(russian: СПАС),  where he trained young people doing fighting sports, training them how to fight with knife and how to use guns. Also, he helped them to become more self-improved. He didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t take drugs, didn’t use obscene language and all these things he tried to provide to people, who were members of his club. Also, he is very religious person, and his religion is Russian Christianity. With his own small group of supporters of radical actions, many years he was creating such actions like setting on fire accomodation for foreign students, especially from African countries, destroying sex-shops an places, where there was a trade with pornography, burning cafes and restaurants, whose owners and customers were not Russians. And also killing random non-Russian strangers on the streets. One day he and his supporters decided to create a terrorist attack on Сherkizovsky Market, which was very famous for its dirtyness, illegal trading, place of massive occupation of illegal immigrants and low-quality sanitary. 21 August 2006 the explosion on the Market killed 14 and injured about 60 people. 2 bombers of Korolev’s organisation were caught by market’s security and Korolev was caught in next few days by police. He didn’t try to escape. In 2008 he and his group was prisoned to the life sentences.

There are some pictures of Nikola and his group during the court:


Picture credit


Nikola with Oleg Kostarev. Oleg was a student, studying chemistry, he was the inventor of bombs and the person, who planted the bomb in the Market. He went in the most strict jail in Russia, Black Dolphin.

Nikola now is the prisoner of Butyrka, where he still has influence on nationalistic movement. For example, Nikola has argues with Maxim Tesak(scroll blog down to read about him) and doesn’t like him. Nikola records videos in the jail, I don’t know how is it possible, but he does it.


Picture credit

Nikola Korolev’s cell.

There is a small video. First half is police experiment in december 2011, asking Nikola about killing a Chinese person. Second half is compilation of some videos from jail.

Oleg Kostarev has the worst conditions of living. See this video about the jail where he lives, intervies with Oleg is also in this video.  I think everything is clear without translation.

But if what there is English programme about Black Dolphin.

P.S. The imprisonment of Breivik was very funny for Russians. The man, who killed about 77 people, set in jail, which is more comfortable than half of Russian flats and houses, LOL.


6 thoughts on “Neonazism terror in Russia. Part 1

  1. Итересно о Брейвике. а как сегодняшние неонацисты в России относятся к нему и его идеологии?

    • Так тут про Брейвика одна строчка. А ты откуда и кто, что не знаешь, как относятся к Брейвику в России?

      • Я от Сербии, младший брат. А больше об этом вопросе как узнать?

      • Аааа, я не подумал, извини=)

        Про Брейвика? Разные силы по-разному его поддерживают. Национал-социалисты в большинстве своем за, монархисты и православные националисты скорее против.
        В основном есть два мнения:
        1) Брейвик – мужик, сделал хорошее дело, убил 77 овощец в лагере для марксистов.
        2) Брейвик – идиот, убил невинных белых людей.

        Плюс, есть некоторые, кто считают, что Брейвик – агент Израиля, так как он был в масонской ложе. Норвегия не поддержала Израиль в войне против Газы или что-то такое, и типа Брейвик так им отомстил.

        Все ли слова понятны? У нас очень похожие языки, но может что-то осталось неясным.

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