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Celebrations in Russia.

The last two weeks had two different celebrations, which are quite traditional in Russia. 23th of February – The Day of the Defender of the Motherland and 8th of March is the All women’s day. Why is it so interesting to look at these celebrations? And why these celebrations cause more and more discussions every year?

Firstly, let’s take a look at how these celebrations happen usually.At 23th of February men get socks or razor for shaving from women and then get drunk. On 8th of March women get flowers and some stupid stuff and then get drunk. It’s the way how these dates celebrated and continue to be celebrated.

And now let’s take a look at the origins of these dates:

On 23th of February 1918 Leiba Bronstein or as many of you know him under the nickname Lev Trotskiy started the recruitment and foundation of the Red Army – the band of thieves, drunk hobos and scumbags, which tried to defence Russia from German Empire on eastern front. Of course they had nothing to do with German army and on the 3rd of March Bronstein signs Brest-Litovsk Treaty, which proclaims that Russia lost the war. What wat the options of the treaty see here

So, why the f*** should I celebrate this shame? The day when the butcher of Russian people created his band of scumbags from all Russia? And I’m not the only one who thinks like this. More and more people now don’t celebrate this date. People start to think. So what should be celebrated instead of this? Oh, such a simple quetsion.

Of course the 22nd of February, when in 1918 the last heroes of Russia started the Ice March, which then turned into the White Movement. On this day no one of these people, who started their fight, didn’t know what they will found. People of different estates, ranks, classes united under the one simple goal – saving the Motherland. Their act of bravery will be never forgotten. This is my celebration, not the communist bullsh*t.

What about 8th of March? Oh, even not a lot of historical background. Two feminists-prostitutes Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin proclaimed this day for international solidarity of women-workers fighting for their rights. No comment. Pay attention to women around you 365 day per year, not only on this communist date.


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