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Russia in 90-s. Russian National Unity

Russian National Unity or RNU was one of the political powers, who played a big role after USSR collapsed. This organisation was the most powerful nationalistic organisations in new history of Russia. RNU is still an example for today’s nationalists of a most succesfull far-right party. May be after many years more poeple now support right positions, but no one has the same powerful, strict and succesfull organisations. Party was one of the forces, who defended White House in 1993 from democrats and their leader Boris “Vodka” Eltsin. Will add later.




Siege of Moscow City Hall in october 1993

Yes, members of this party had guns in 1993. After 20 years I can’t believe that such events took place in Moscow. Now people can’t organise a normal demonstration, thoughts about armed rebellion is a fantasy.

Unfortunately, liberals and democrats with drunk Eltsin won in 1993. Stealing and destroying of Russia continued.


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