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Russia in 90-s. National-Bolsheviks

One of the historical materialn of russian politics of 90-s. National-Bolshevik Party still exists even after banning in 2007.






National-Bolshevik Party or NBP is a mix of what can’t be mixed. Nationalism(or even nazism, as you can see it from design) with ideology of Bolsheviks and Lenin. Will continue later.


3 thoughts on “Russia in 90-s. National-Bolsheviks

  1. I absolutely cannot sand leftist marxist /Leninism. The left ideology is absolutely , IMO , killing our people , replacing them through massive african /arab/paki immigration

    • I really didn’t write a lot about them, but they’re very interesting in the way who are they. They’re not serious political force, but they’re great street performances. Their ideology is chaotic, they try to mix nationalism and communism etc. People who mostly go to this group are kind of artists and crazy guys, who believe in revolution, but don’t care what type of revolution will be. They’re like eternal opposition. They don’t play any serious role, especially now.

      • That is my big deal . Some right people just want to see a revolution , no matter the cost . I will never support a occupy movement or leftist movement causing a revolution ., I would rather die fighting .My couhtry though is increasingly becoming leftist /commie . Masssive welfare benefits for the mexicans /Africans , while hundreds of thousands of MExicans stream across the border to the country that Euro-Americans built . USa was a melting pot , yes . but it was a melting pot of EUROPEANS ! Not the melting pot that migrants and left claim it is . 1940’s USa was 90 percent Euroe-American. Germans , English , RUssians . Danish , Swedish , Dutch, Norwegians , Italians and other Europeans were all welcome in America . Now , things have changed . Obama the government is looking to make 11 million illegal Mexicans citizens this year . Simply Insane . I could only imagine what the MExican government would do if European-Americns were flooding the border into MExico …. Surely Mexico would not welcome us and send us packing

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