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New Year

On NY celebration went with friends to the city centre os Saint-P. WTF I’d seen here. 80% are drunk immigrants from Middle Asia, another 20% are drunk russians(want to use another word, but it doesn’t exist in english). Went back home after fireworks. One more situation proves that it’s better not to go to city centre during massive events.

But it’s the only one bad exception. All other days are perfect.


One thought on “New Year

  1. Disgusting isn’t ? All of our beautiful ancestors fought with such ferocity and smarts , only for us to be inavded and occupied without a damn fight . No one , in the history of the world has ever not put up a fight when they are being occupied , except for us in 2013 . sad really . The grocery store I use to frequent when i was 12 was clean , nice and many Euro -Americans . I went back to it a year ago and what i saw was really mind boggling . No white children , only Mexicans , arabs , and blacks . Only English speakers were the blacks . It makes me wonder what will the next 20 years look like . Sometimes i feel like i am in the smack dab middle of Egypt or Nigeria . I never leave without my pistol in my Suv .

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