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In one room

My grandfather was an officer of the NKVD.

My neighbours’ grandfather was sturmfuhrer of the SS.

If they could ever imagined that their grandsons will live in one room and eat in one kitchen, hehehe))


2 thoughts on “In one room

  1. My one Grandfather fought in Germany , the Ruhr under Walter Model 1945 . Was shot in the shoulder , met my French Grandmother in Frankfurt hospital . Then they moved to USa around 1948 and had 8 kids . My other Grandfather was Euro-American and fought in the Pacific during ww2 , fighting the Japanese . My Euro-American Grandfather fought in 3 wars . Ww2 , Korean War , and Vietnam

    • My grandfather was 100% communist before the 1941, but after the war he turned into true antisoviet. He hadn’t ever drank in his life, but when Stalin died in 1953 he was drinking for one week, being happy of his death.

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