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Heaven on Earth or typical lie of communism

Somewhere in October in classes I saw a part of movie “Heaven on Earth”. I mentioned that in these series there is also a part about Lenin, bolshevism and “russian” revolution in 1917. Took a look at this. Turned off after the first minute.

Why? Let’s see.

As a historian(yeah, I’m real historian, but about it later) I was shocked by the word of this woman. Let’s analyze it.

Lenin was … workoholic” – Lenin hadn’t ever worked even a single day in his life. It’s a fact. In emigration he lived on money of his friends and governments, who were interested in him to create a revolution in Russia.

“In a country who didn’t have a work ethic” – lol what?

“He was enourmosly hard working” – he was writting his stupid brochures about bloody imperialism, bloody monarchy and poor working class. Very hard work, of course.

“He was enourmosly smart” – he was enourmosly hater of Russia and everything russian, that’s fact. Einstein was enourmosly smart, but not this jerk.

“He really knew what was right for everybody and for future for his country” – It’s not funny. If I see this woman I swear, I will do something bad. She says that this bastard cared about Russia and russians? WHAT? A man, who destroyed Russia, russian culture, russian nation, killed millions of russians and who saw Russia as a platzdarm for world revolution, and this man cared about my country?

“he took part in demonstration, which was not political” – lie. He was a member of society called “People’s Will” – terrorist organisation, which killed Tsar Alexandr II. His brother also was a part of this organization and planned to assasinate Alexandr III,.

About top-student – the principal of his school was a friend of their family, that’s why he graduated with top marks. Top marks in XIX century was the only one way to enter the university. Proved fact.

Stopped watching this video. I know all this brilliant propagand of THE GREATEST LENIN SUN OF COMMUNISM OUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOUR AND ENEMY OF BLOODY EMPEROR from the inside.

What the goal of these people, who were lying in the video?


One thought on “Heaven on Earth or typical lie of communism

  1. Lenin was a commie scumbag. I would love to come across a person like that woman and have them say that in front of me .

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