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Tesak, Format 18, neonazism in Russia

All previous posts introduced something that I wanted to tell, but really they’re not deep at all. Now, when someone looking after this blog, I want to describe in details.

Let’s take a look at this guy, called Tesak(BackSword-transl.) or Maxim, his real name.

As a teenager he was typical skinhead, who was fighting on the streets, kicking immgirants, shouting “Russia for Russians”(the slogan is prohibited in Russia).

His real story begins when he and his friends ran his nazi-group called “Format 18”. 18 is a code for 1-A, 8- H. AH- Adolf Hitler.

He is very talanted guy and really knows how to promote and propagand. He is really best at this. During the middle of 00-s in Russia political activity of population was really low. Problems existed, people were not satisfied with what is going on in country, but remembering 90-s and always drunk Eltsin times were quite normal. So all polictis existed in very-very stupid way. He was skinhead, because of his youngness and not having another ways to somwhow influent the situation. Now he refuses the idea that the movement of skinheads can really help and thinks that it’s a stupid way.

But let’s see his videos. This guy really took a lot of attention of people and even my. I was 13 years old, when I firstly saw his videos.

Ehhh. Didn’t find them on youtube. Only a small part and it asks to have account.

Really, I can translate his interviews, but It will take a long time. But, I just want to demonstrate, how his popularity STRONGLY INCREASED during the past times. He went to prison in 2007, exited in 2011.

His interview before jail. Look where he gives interview. Somewhere on abandoned place, alone on low quality camera.

And look, where he gives interview now. Just look at the studio –

For what he was sentenced to prison?  He was sentenced for inciting hatred to tadziks(population of Tadzhikistan, who are immigrants in Russia.) and for inciting hatred to liberals. About first: he created a video, where he killed immigrant-drug dealer through hanging. Video was fake, it was a doll, not real man. And second part(liberals) you can see here:

This is epic video, 2007 year.  Here we don’t see only Tesak. His opponent – Alexey Navalny – the main leader of protests in Russia. Alexey Navalny was the main person, who went to police and wrote a denunciation on Tesak and send him to jail. In present Tesak is his main headache. Who knew from these, who were sitting in the auditorium, that these two guys will meet again in the future?

In december of 2011, during protests against elections, where party of Putin won(but nobody knows noone who voted foк them), opposition created their own elections. There was a list of politics, you need to vote for some of them. If politician gets enough votes – he will take part in demonstration as a speaker on tribune. In these elections Tesak took the second place. Did he participate in demonstration? No. Why? Alexey Navalny and other liberals(a lot of jews as usual) decided that he, quote, “used nano technologies to win these elections”. Liberal opposition of Russia showed their true face: they were shouting about democracy for all, but threw away Tesak, just because they wanted.

Poster says: In elections for the right of having speech on demostration “for fair elections” Ivoted for Tesak, who took the second place, thiefs, return my vote.

These elections were not the last. Opposition had another elections in october of 2012, these elections were much more important, their function was to choose and legitimize the leaders of protests. In F.A.Q. there was a question “What if Tesak takes part in elections, will you accept him?”. The answer was “yes. Tesak can participate”. Tesak send fee(250 euro) to the central committee, but they refused to registrate him as a candidate. Because his goals are not equal to the goals of opposition, quote. It was a big scandal in Internet, because of this decision, many people, who didn’t support his ideology supported him in this situation, that liberals are doing the same on their elections as Putin on elections of parliament and elections of president. But his friend passed registration, because he didn’t write anything about his politics view and only after registration he anounsed that he is a national-socialist and friend of Tesak. He took a lot of votes on these elections, but then 9000 of votes were cancelled because of some stupid reasons.

For the last half of a year Maxim catches pedophiles. He became very popular with that. He takes real 13 year old boys, registrates them on social networks, immediately pedophiles start sending messages. For these half of a year he caught a lot of pedophiles and paid attention to this problem in Russia, which is now really a problem. No one wants to care about this, neither police or government.

He started his show from the low quality camera and now he runs a serious internet show.

one of the earliest videos. They are all quite typical, but sometimes content more violence. 80% banned by Youtube(Youtube supporting pedophiles!)

He even attended a tv show.

He also propagands healthy way of living, doesn’t drink, smoke and take drugs. He doesn’t call himself a nationalist, he always says that his ideology is national-socialsim and ideal government for him is Third Reich.

On nationalist action, which is called Russian March” with his help and promotion was organised block of national-socialists(photos of them you can see in short post about russian march”). It was the most organised part of the nationalists on the demonstration.

Tesak knows what to do and knows how to do. He becomes more and more popular. His speeches are genius as speeches of AH(in delivery).  He will play not the last role in russian politics in future.

If you want to know more – write in comments.



Tesak in times of Format 18

Some moths after jail. Trained.


Links – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexey_Navalny



18 thoughts on “Tesak, Format 18, neonazism in Russia

    • About updates:
      He went to Minsk, capital of Belarussia, to have on operation on his eyes, he used to wear glasses, as you could see from the video. Here he was attacked by local antifascists, after he made an operation, and he, being blind, with some other friend of him, fought against 8-10 antifa. Then he was caught by Minsk police, brought to the police station, where he sat about 10 days. Now returned succesfully to Russia.

      Here is a small part of the fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQR_5vH5QQA

      Also, his account on russian social network vk.com/restrukt

    • No, He doesn’t have facebook. Also as me. In Russia we have our own social network, which was run quite in the same time as facebook, so all russiand, ukrainians and belarussians are mostly here. Because in our social network there is no limits in piracy audio, movies, and total freedom of speech(post porn, no one cares). So, many russiand don’t use facebook, and me too, for example.

  1. By the way , your English is really good. Thanks again for updates as I am very interested in Russia . My country , Usa is becoming a “multicultural” hellhole . I live in a 63 percent black city with highh murder rate . The 175 murders last year in my city were committed by 98 percent black males . How do you feel about th entire diversity thing increasingly going on all across Europe , Canada , And USa?

  2. You racist piece of shit, you are not even worth the time I spent reading your poorly done documentation about this hater fuck-face. Can’t change you guys, I wish you could turn around and act like civilized men.

  3. Hello, I am from Germany and I wished I could live in Russia. Germany is a thousand times worse than Russia. In fact, Russia today is the only white country which still has a soul that may survive these sick and wicked times. In my country there are faggots everywhere, the school children have to learn about “anal sex” at the age of 6. The ZOG regime wants to make all white children in this country sodomites and whores so that this nation (like so many other nations) get destroyed (this already has happened). May God bless Russia and may Russians stand up against Jewish perversion and evil dominion.

    • Hi and 88! I was looking forward to meet comrades from Germany. I believe that Germany is much worse, one of the central ZOG-governments now in Europe. Russia of course better than Germany and any ohter EU-country, but we have our problems too.

      • Hi

        I’m from Japan.
        In recent years, the similar issue has been seen in Japan.

        Many North Koreans or Chinese who live in Japan just suck our social security system and do dirty businesses, commit crimes in Japan.

        As the counter, few civil organizations were established against such people whose behavior toward Japanese nations is unrespectful. But, often they are regarded as “Racism Organization”.

        As we are running for the Olympics in 2020, our government announced that we would accept a bunch of foreign workers for construction sites, without sufficient immigrants laws nor the experience of accepting immigrants in the long history.

        The situation seems similar to what Russia saw in its early times right after the Soviet’s collapse.

        I am personally very interested in Russian politics. Actually, I translated the news article about the election held by Russian oppositions which you mentioned in your article.

        Plus, now I am in Russia, doing my research as a part of my semester-long study abroad program. Can we have a chance to meet up? I would like to hear your opinions so that I can get deeper insight on my own research thene as well as current tendency in Japan.

        I have VK account.

      • Hi, man.

        It’s quite unusual to know, that there are people who share quite the same ideology, but they’re japanese=)

        I’m myself not in Russia now, but I can answer your questions, give a link to your VK account.

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