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Hehe, my blog will be seen by others. Good luck to blow up your minds. Really, it’s not so fearful, because I didn’t care about it, and it has only 5 posts, not much.

But even now it has something to be seen.  If my views or Russian non-formal politics will grab someone’s attention I can translate some videos and texts, but If you want.

What to write more in this post. I caught a flue, will die in next few hours. Illness is very strange. Nothing pains, but hard to breathe, head doesn’t understand anything, even hard to translate English speech sometimes. Feeling sleepy(after sleeping 14 hours,ehe), on the second lesson turned off every 5 minutes. Ohhh, need to go home.

Finished reading autobiography of Benito Mussolini. Good book, but sometimes hard to understand, how he was developing his organisation, how he was taking power, because he mostly pays attention to criticising his opponents and describing his personal feelings. This book is mostly for Italians and their way of thinking and understanding. 100 %.

Yesterday went to airport and saw these popular Irish jerks, Jedward. All 100 kgs ladies were here, crying that they met these stars. Wanted to go closer, but not. Their fans are so fat that will kill me immediately with their fat. I was very scary, so many fat girls in one placeT_T.


5 thoughts on “Today

  1. Here in the USa we have many fat people lol . Especially black women . They eat really , really bad and our government gives them hundreds and hundreds of dollars in free money for food at the grocery . All they buy is unhealthy food

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