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Format 18

Format 18 was a nazi-group and nazi-site in Russia in the middle of 00-s. This organisation was well known for its funny videos and for its leader called Tesak(BackSword-transl.)

Tesak filmed his own videos, but also used videos of other people, cutting it and adding music. He claimed himself as a film director, producer and propagandist of national-socialists ideas.

He was sentenced to 3,5 years for extremism, exactly for hate to liberals and immigrants.

He went out from jail in January of 2011 and became even popular than he was before. Now he is participating a lot in russian non-formal politics against Putin and also against opposition to Putin, because he thinks that they are all the same and can’t change the situation in Russia and also the leader of opposition, Alexey Navalny, was the person, who send Tesak to jail.

Let’s watch some of his latest videos:

   –  Tesak about protests in Russia.

 – New Year Celebration

  – The first video after coming from jail. He says that he became stronger, smarter, because all these years he was reading books and he will behave now the same funny, but in borders of law.

After jail he started to catch pedophiles. He has a lot of videos, where he catches them, I can show only the softest one, because others are banned by Youtube.  

Also, he propagands the healthy way of living, he doesn’t drink, smoke, taking drugs.


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